Sensei Johnny LeBlanc
Sensei Johnny LeBlanc
Head Instructor


Has been described as one of the most successful Canadian fighters of all time at international tournaments. During seven years of his fighting career, Johnny was selected to compete in a total of three world tournaments and won Gold Medals in Vancouver, Montreal and LA.

Johnny was granted his black belt in Montreal at age 15. After moving to British Columbia, He became a student of Sensei Tats Nakamura at Vancouver Kyokushin Karate from 2001 to 2008. While in Vancouver, he ran a fighting class and had his own karate club at an elementary school. After having fought in the 9th World Tournament in 2007, Johnny gave himself a break from competing and focused on teaching his students.

In august 2008 Johnny moved back to Moncton and opened his first dojo in february 2009, Kyokushinkaikan New Brunswick LeBlanc Karate Dojo.
He now operates 5 Dojos in South East New Brunswick.

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Tournament History

2007 9th World Tournament : National Team

2007 All American Open International Championships: Top 16
2006 All Japan Weight Category (Super Heavyweight): Top 16
2006 Canadian Elite Championships (Heavyweight): 1st
2006 US Weight Category Tournament (Heavyweight): 1st
2005 World Weight Category Tournament (Super HW): National Team
2005 North American Weight Category Tournament (Super HW): 1st
2004 Vancouver Cup (Men's Heavyweight): 1st
2004 All American Open International Championships : 6th
2003 8th World Tournament : National Team
2003 All American Open International Championships : Top 32
2002 Vancouver Cup (Men's Heavyweight): 1st
2001 Vancouver Cup (Men's Heavyweight): 2nd
2001 Vancouver Kyokushin Karate Interdojo tournament (Men's Heavyweight): 1st

Sensei Herb Milton
Sensei Herb Milton

Sensei Herb Milton started training Kyokushin Karate in Vernon BC in 1974 under Sempai Ron Miciuk. Throughout the late seventies and early eighties Herb competed in many Can-Am and mixed styles tournaments with the likes of Pat McCarthy and Cynthia Rothrock. By 1983 Herb was doing much of the teaching in the Vernon Kyokushin Karate Club and in 1984 he took over as head instructor from Sempai Lyle McWilliams. Herb graded for Shodan in 1984 in front of Sensei Don Corrigal and was awarded his certificate from Sensei Stuart Corrigal and Shihan Bobby Lowe. In 1986 Herb opened a full time dojo which ran for the next 25 years at which time he moved away from Vernon. Herb received his Nidan in 1988, Sandan in 1993 and Yondan in 1996. Sensei Herb has trained, competed, instructed and officiated in numerous national and international events and has played host to the Canadian Kyokushin Karate Championships twice. He has had 2 students attend the World Karate Championships in Japan. Several of his students now operate their own dojos in various parts of Canada. Herb has had the privilege to train with many Kyoksuhin instructors including Sosai Mas Oyama and Shihan Bobby Lowe.

Tournament History

1986 Australian Karate Champ. Top 10
1987 All Hawaiian Champ 1st LW
1988 Canadian Karate Champ. 3rd
1988 Montreal Karate Champ. 2nd

Sempai Chrysat Allogho

Women Cardio Kickboxing Instructor
First Kyu

Tournament History

25th Canadian Kyokushinkai Fighting Spirit Championship 2013
Men Lightweight 2nd place

Vancouver Cup 2012
Men Lightweight 2nd place

31th Eastern Canadian Championship
men lightweigth 1st place

24th Canadian Kyokushinkai Fighting Spirit Championship 2012
Men Lightweight 2nd place

Kyokushin NB Inter-Dojo Challenge II 2011
Men Lightweight 1st place

Vancouver Cup 2011
Men Lightweight lost first round