Sensei Tats Nakamura
Head Instructor of VKK and Sensei Johnny LeBlanc's sensei

Joining Kyokushin: Born in Japan in 1967. When he was fifteen, Tats began training in Kyokushin Karate under his uncle, the two-time World Champion, Shihan Makoto Nakamura.

Final Education: After graduated a high school in 1985, Tats enrolled in a western Japan district University and took the major of Civil Engineering and Marketing. Tats graduated the university with the score of top 10 ranking out of fifteen hundreds students and earned a diploma of the major.

Early Days in Japan: While he was still a colored belt, tats competed in numerous local tournaments. In 1985, he was granted a brown belt and began teaching a beginners class at Amagasaki dojo, one of Shihan Nakamura's dojos. In 1987, Tats fought a 10-man kumite and received Shodan (1st degree black belt). In 1988, he was appointed as head instructor of the Amagasaki dojo, and he began teaching at another location, Nishinomiya Dojo. It is no doubt that the experiences he had around this time formed the base of his teaching skill.

Japan to Canada: In December 1990, Tats traveled to Vancouver for the first time. It was to just gain different experience in a foreign country. The planned to be one year stay became longer after he opened a dojo in Vancouver in June 1991. Life is very interesting. Next time he noticed, he found himself applying for a landed immigrant status in this country and competing in the World Tournament representing Canada.

Dojo Operation: Currently, Tats teaches various classes at three different locations as a full-time instructor. It is apparent that his dojos are earning more public awareness as the number of students he teaches increases every year. He also puts a lot of efforts in producing international fighters. He never forgets that words he received from Shihan Nakamura; "Dojo's success is based on 1) the number of students, 2) the quality of their techniques and 3) the number of strong fighters. The first two can be achieved by other martial arts. The most difficult one is the third one because it requires instructor's true passion and pride for Kyokushin, Ultimate Truth." Tats strives every day to achieve the three in Vancouver.

Tournament Records:
- 7th All Japan Weight Category LW 1989 : Top 16
- 8th All Japan Weight Category LW 1990 : Top 16
- 7th All Kansai (Western Japan) LW 1990 : 2nd
- 9th Canadian Championships 1991 : 1st
- 10th Canadian Championships 1992 : 2nd
- 11th Canadian Championships 1993 : 1st
- 12th All Japan Weight Category MW 1995 : Top 16
- 13th All Japan Weight Category MW 1996 : Top 16
- All American Open 1997 : Top 8
- World Cup Team Tournament 1998 : North American Team Member
- 16th Canadian Championships 1998 : 1st
- All American Open 1998 : 3rd
- 16th All Japan Tournament MW 1999 : Top 8
- 7th World Tournament 1999 : North American Team Member

Grading History:
- Shodan : April 1987 under Shihan Makoto Nakamura
- Nidan : October 1992 under Shihan Makoto Nakamura
- Sandan : October 2004 under Shihan Stuart Corrigal
- Yondan : October 2010 under Shihan Stuart Corrigal