Beach Training – July 7, 2013

Sensei Johnny Leblanc  invited his students to gather at Aboiteau Beach on July 7, 2013 for the first beach training of the summer season.

We could not have asked for a more perfect day to go train and spend time with family and friends. What a great turnout with 40 students participating along with a few of their friends.

After training, everyone cooled off in the water and enjoyed a nice picnic on the beach.

Kyokushin NB Christmas Party

Sensei Johnny LeBlanc invited his students and their families to the first annual Christmas Party that was held Sunday the 9th of december.

Thanks to Debbie LeBlanc who was in charge of organizing the event and thanks to all of the parents and volunteer who helped bringing food, decor, music, technological help, etc.; it was a complete success.

Sensei Johnny had a surprise for Team NB who went to Montreal: Robert Goguen, member of parliament sent achievement award cards  to congratulate the team’s outstanding performance at the Eastern Canadian Championships (14 wins out of 18) Each member received an individual message of congratulation that was presented by Sensei.

We had the chance to view some awesome fights videos of Chrysat, and even some of Sensei Johnny. Sensei Johnny had a special guest, Sensei Ron Cormier who was his original Kyokushin Instructor when he first joined karate in 1982.

Sensei Ron Cormier who is famous for his breaks and special tricks, gave us a show of techniques involving various kinds of vegetables coupled with a serious dose of dexterity and dose of courage from the volunteers… hehe (Danny) It was a great treat to watch the master in action. We also had the chance to witness a baseball bat break by Sensei Johnny. Both also gave the audience great kata demonstrations.

It was really nice to hear all the little anecdotes that Sensei Johnny shared with us about his years training karate with Sensei Ron and afterwards with Sensei Tats Nakamura in Vancouver.

Thanks to all who came and participated!



August 25th 2012 -last summer event

Our last summer activity was held this last August 25th. By popular demand, the event was held a second time at Aboiteau Beach in Cap Pelé.

27 members from all ages joined in on the fun. Again we were blessed with perfect weather.

Sensei Johnny had the group run, do basics, push ups, sit ups, we practiced various fighting techniques, and did some sparring. Finally everyone got in the water which was incredibly warm. What a great day! OSU!

Training at the Beach * July 28th 2012

We couldn’t have asked for a better day… Members of Leblanc Karate Dojo, gathered on Saturday July 28th for one of our scheduled summer activity. 38th participants enjoyed a fun, more casual training than ususal. It was about doing something fun together as a “family”. Hope everyone had a blast! Always grateful that we are such a wonderful group. OSU!

Enjoy the 2 galleries below:

Training at the Park; June 30th 2012

Leblanc Karate Dojo members were invited to participate in the first summer activity of the year; Training at the Centennial Park in Moncton. The weather was beautiful and the participants which included several adults and kids, really enjoyed the activity. After the training, the group enjoyed a picnic; and some of the kids cooled down in the water park, great way to come together! Here’s a gallery of the activity:


Demo Boys and Girls Club -April 28th and presenting our new Dojo

On Saturday April 28th, Sensei Johnny Leblanc held a very successful demo at the Boys and Girls Club, which will becomes one of our new Dojos starting May 2nd.

About 40 kids came to watch the demonstration as some of Kyokushin NB Students performed various exercises. About 15-20 kids from the Boys and Girls Club participated and definitely seemed to have a lot of fun!

Kyokushin NB will hold its first class at this location on Wednesday May 2nd. the kid’s class will be from 6:15pm to 7:15pm and the adult class will be from 7:25pm to 8:50pm. There will also be a kid’s class every Saturdays, from 11:15am to 12:15pm. The Wednesday class will replace the Aberdeen dojo classes that were held that night.

What a great location! I’m sure everyone will be thrilled with it! Here are some of the pictures of the demo and of our new Dojo:

Belt Testing April 4th & 5th 2012

Wednesday April 4th

On Wednesday the 4th of April, Sensei Johnny tested particiants at the Downtown Moncton, Aberdeen Dojo. At 6pm we had 10 junior participants doing belt grading, including Sammy, Kyokushin NB’s youngest member who received his 10th Kyu at 4 years of age! Everyone did such a great job! OSU!


Later that evening, in the adult class, Fighter, Chrysat Allogho tested for his 1st Kyu. We had the chance to witness an awesome 3 board break by Chrysat. OSU!


Thursday April 5th

Thursday was the last belt testing day.

At the Memramcook Dojo, in Abbey Landry School,  3 juniors Mael, Kylie and Austin, in the 5-7 years old class and 1 in the 8-14, Kendra did their tests. They worked very hard and where really happy to receive their promotion. Great job guys!

The Cocagne Dojo was the last stop for belt promotions with several members testing, mostly juniors, including Yannick who  tested for his 6th Kyu and one adult, Carron, who was really happy to prove that she had what it took to get her 10th Kyu.

We had a lot of fun here as 3 juniors did some board breaking; Amanda, Yannick and Alyssa. OSU!





January 2012 Belt Testing


Sensei Johnny held the Cocagne Belt tests on Monday January 30th. Everyone did a great job!

Cocagne Dojo


Here on Tuesday Jan 31st, 11 participants tried out for their belt test. The “Cookers” did awesome as well!

Memramcook Dojo

Memramcook Dojo Juniors; 5-7 and 8-14


Due to a storm, Moncton belt test were done on February 4th. Needless to say the participants; all juniors, came prepared! Great job guys!

Moncton MMA Dojo; juniors

Check out the Belt Promotion Participants: